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Tage Affertsholt

Tage Affertsholt

3A Business Consulting

"Emerging Ingredients: Overview of Market Activity"

Tage obtained his M.Sc. in Economics and Marketing from the Aarhus School of Business Administration in Denmark. He has also completed a post graduate management program at Insead in France.

He has held managing positions as general manager and vice-president sales and marketing with different food companies working with consumer goods as well as food ingredients in Denmark and internationally.

Tage established 3A Business Consulting more than 20 years ago and as Partner of 3A Business Consulting, Denmark, he is mainly advising companies in the food and dairy industry on strategy and business development.

In the area of dairy ingredients, Tage holds significant experience. He has advised companies on business development including ingredient portfolio composition, sector and application opportunities and strategic alliances. He has published reports and articles on this subject and been a speaker at international conferences, e.g. IWC and IDF.