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Dr. Daniela Barile

Dr. Daniela Barile

University of California - Davis

"Oligosaccharides from Whey: Where Are We & What is Needed to Move Forward?"

Daniela Barile is Associate Professor in the Department of Food Science and Technology. Her research, focused at the nexus of food, health, and the environment, aims to understand food bioactive compounds formation, their recovery from milk and food production side streams, and their specific interactions within the human body. Her lab utilizes analytical platforms based on mass spectrometry to investigate foods and a range of relatively untapped organic waste streams for valuable, healthful bioactive compounds. Her approach of sequential molecular deconstruction of food streams is generating valuable bioinformatic libraries of source materials and the underlying biological and processing conditions that give rise to their formation/preservation. Her capacity to translate basic research findings to actual practical value is of significant relevance, thanks to a network of food industries that routinely collaborate with her lab.

The highly collaborative aspect of her research is evidenced by the publication, during the past 5 years, of over 50 manuscripts in leading peer-reviewed food science journals and specialized books. Dr. Barile was recently nominated “2017 Chancellor’s Fellow”, an award given to outstanding faculty members producing groundbreaking research and scholarship early in their careers.