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Kamil Drapala, Ph.D.

Kamil Drapala, Ph.D.

University College Cork

"Interfacial Engineering of Whey Protein-Based Emulsions to Improve Their Physical Stability and Spray-Drying Properties"

Dr. Kamil Drapala is a postdoctoral researcher working for the Dairy Processing Technology Centre at University College Cork (UCC), Cork, Ireland.

Kamil is a graduate of UCC, where he received a BSc and a PhD degrees in Food Science and Technology in 2011 and 2017, respectively. His PhD thesis titled ‘Processing and Stability of Infant Formula-Based Emulsions as Affected by Emulsifier Type’ was focused on engineering of emulsion interfaces to improve their stability in the context of value-added high-end nutritional formulations.

Kamil participated in a number of competitions and he won the first prize at the Annual Food Research Conference (Dublin, Ireland, 2014) and was awarded the J.T.M. Wouters Young Scientist Award (Papendal, The Netherlands, 2015) for presenting his work. His current research focuses on studying, predicting and controlling the rheological properties of dairy liquid concentrates aimed at increasing the efficiency of manufacturing processes for a range of dairy-based ingredients.