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Madeline Levin

Madeline Levin

Kerry- Taste and Nutrition

"Use of the Co-Products: Whey Permeate and Whey Protein Phospholipid Concentrate in Foods"

Madeline Levin is a Product Developer at Kerry Taste and Nutrition, where she works on the formulation, sourcing, and scale up of confection products. Madeline received her B.S. and M.S. in Food Science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where she studied the variability of the composition and the functionality of both whey protein phospholipid concentrate and delactosed permeate, as well as the application of these two products as substitutions for: eggs in cake, sweetened condensed milk in chewy caramel, and emulsifiers in ice cream.

While a student, she was involved in IFTSA as the competition chair for the IFTSA-Mars Student Product Development Competition, as well as competing in College Bowl Trivia Competition. Additionally, she interned at WhiteWave Foods and Lindt Chocolate. Madeline previously worked as a Product Technology Engineer and Product Developer for Lindt Chocolate, where she coordinated the launch several chocolate products currently on the market. When not creating confection products, Madeline enjoys growing vegetables in a community garden, and kayaking in rivers and lakes around Madison, WI.