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Monday, September 18

Plenary Session A

Whey: The State of our Business 

Opening and Platinum Sponsor Presentation
Michael Bowers, GEA

8:00 am

Status of Global Production and Trade Flows/Short Term Forcast

Kevin Bellamy, Rabobank 

8:20 am

Evolution of Demand Drivers for Dairy Proteins and Whey

Martinas Kuslys - Global R&D Manager, Pediatric Care, Nestlé 

8:45 am

Policy Challenges and Opportunities: Regulatory/Labeling

Christopher D. Thompson, Dairy Standardization Branch, USDA/AMS/Dairy 
Sandra Benson, Director, Market Access and Regulatory Affairs, US Dairy Export Council
Bénédicte Masure, Secretary General of the European Whey Processors Assn. (EWPA)

9:10 am

Marketplace Refreshment Break

10:00 am

Plenary Session B
Whey: The State of our Business

Situation Analysis: Opportunites and Threats

David Lenzmeier, CEO, Milk Specialties Global
Henrik H. Andersen, CEO, Arla Food Ingredients
Brian Phelan, CEO, Glanbia Nutritionals
Joe Coote, President, NZMP Americas

10:30 am

Marketplace Lunch

12:00 pm

The Drivers of Our Business

Nutrition Session - Track 1

Mimicking Nature

The Drivers of Our Business

Innovation Session - Track 1

Emerging Markets


Approaching Nature: A Pediatric
Nutrition Overview

Maciej Chichlowski, Mead Johnson Nutrition 

Whey Protein Ingredients:
Impact of Whey
Source on
Processing and Functionality

Todor Vasilijevic, Victoria University 

1:35 to
1:55 pm 

Milk Fat Globule Membrane and
Lactoferrin Potential

in Support of Neurodevelopment

Ryan N. Dilger, University of Illinois 

Whey Ingredients from
Non-Bovine Milk:
Opportunities and Challenges

Thom Huppertz, NIZO 

1:55 to
2:15 pm 

Peptides: An Opportunity to
Better Mimic Human Milk

Brendan Haigh, AgResearch Ltd., NZ

Where Can Whey Go:
Emerging Markets

Pauline Olson, Agropur

2:15 to
2:35 pm 

Using The Force: How Milk
Components are Helping

Intestional Bacteria to
Defeat the First Order 

Mark Underwood
University of California, Davis

Whey and Whey Co-Products
in the Petfood Industry

Kathleen Barry
International Ingredients

2:35 to
2:55 pm

Marketplace Refreshment Break

3:00 pm

Nutrition Session 2

Whey Ingredients for Sports Nutrition:
Technical Opportunities and Challenges 

Innovation Session 2

Emerging Applications /
Applied Technologies


Sports Nutrition 2.0:
Positioning Whey Protein

in "Active" Nutrition

Nick Morgan, Sports Integrated, UK 

Designing Novel Whey Protein
Ingredients for Applications 
in Beverages and Bars

 Allen Foegeding
North Carolina State University

3:50 to
4:15 pm 

Protein Quality in Sports Nutrition:
Using Whey to
Maximize the Muscle Anabolic
Potential of Lower
Quality Protein Sources

Oliver Witard, University of Stirling 

Use of Lactoferrin and Lactoperoxidase
for Oral Health Products

Manabu Hakano, Morinaga Milk 

4:15 to
4:35 pm 

Whey Beyond Protein: New Opportunities for
Whey Products in Sports Nutrition

Gareth Wallis, University of Birmingha 

Use of the Co-Products:
Whey Permeate
and Whey Protein
Phospholipid Concentrate
In Foods

Madeline Levin, Kerry Ingredients 

4:35 to
4:55 pm 

Whey Ingredients in Sports Nutrition:
Processing For Functionality
Beyond Nutrition

Thom Huppertz, NIZO 

Interfacial Engineering of Whey 
Protein-Based Emulsions to Improve
Their Physical Stability 
Spray-Drying Propertiess

Kamil P. Drapala
University College Cork

4:55 to
5:15 pm

Marketplace Wine & Cheese Reception

6:00 pm