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Polly Olson

Polly Olson

Agropur US

"Where Can Whey Go?"

Polly Olson has successfully worked in the dairy industry for more than three decades. As the Vice President of New Business Development, Sales and Marketing for Agropur Ingredients, she oversees the organization’s Nutrition Solutions sector. Nutrition Solutions produces award-winning specialty ingredients used for formulating a variety of products from infant formula to cosmetics, medical foods and protein supplements. Some of these ingredients include BiPRO, alpha-lactalbumin, BioZate hydrolyzed whey protein and glycomacropeptide. Olson has shaped the direction of whey proteins globally, she is a founder of Whey Protein Institute in addition to participating actively on many dairy committees and boards.

During Olson’s tenure as vice president, her team has opened sales offices in Geneva, Shanghai, Singapore and Mexico City. Whether sourcing ingredients or offering finished products, Polly has vast expertise in health, wellness and functional applications utilizing whey products, from flavor to texture, shelf life, processing, nutrient enhancement and technical expertise.

Olson also oversees the retail BiPro team. Headquartered in Minnesota, the BiPro Whey Protein Isolate brand has become wildly popular among elite and professional athletes. In 2016, the group launched BiPro RTD Protein Water. Polly grew up on a dairy farm in Minnesota, graduated from University of Minnesota College of Agriculture Food Science and has a MBA from St. Thomas University in St. Paul MN.