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Tuesday, September 19

Plenary Session C
Hot Topics - The Consumer

8:00 am

Consumer Trends / Market Perspectives

 LuAnn Williams, Innova Market Trends

8:00 am

Dairy Foods: Are The Part of a Sustainable Global Dairy Supply?

 Frank Mitloehner, University of California, Davis

8:30 am

Whey Consumer Tracker - EU and US

Suzane Leser, Volac

 9:15 am

Better Health At The Most Affordable Prices:
Developing Affordable Dairy Products

Pape Ngor Bob, La Laiterie du Berger SA, Senegal

9:35 am

Marketplace Refreshment Break

10:00 am

Plenary Session D
Hot Topics - Non-Dairy Protein Sources

10:30 am

Non-Dairy Protein Sources: Markets and Applications

 Sustainable Plant-Based Proteins

Russ Egbert, ADM 

10:30 am

Characterization of Functional and Sensory Properties
of Select Commercial Food Protein Ingredients

Rohit Kapoor, National Dairy Council

11:00 am

New Approaches To The Measurement
of Dietary Protein Quality: An Update

Paul Moughan, Riddet Institute, Massey University

11:30 am 

Marketplace Lunch

12:00 pm

The Drivers of Our Business

Nutrition Session - Track 3

Body Composition
Latest on Weight Loss
Association with
Non-Communicable Diseases
Consumer Perceptions 

The Drivers of Our Business

Innovation Session - Track 3

Emerging Markets:
Development and Commercialization
Opportunities and Challenges 


Toned - Not Bulky
Effect of whey protein supplementation
on body composition in adult women

Wayne Campbell, PhD, Purdue University

Overview of Market Activity: 
Where is it headed? 

Tage Affertsholt, 3A Business Consulting

1:35 to
1:55 pm

"WHEY"ing Our Options For Whey Use In
Non-Communicable Diseases 

Melinda Sheffield-Moore, UTB

The Evolution of Lactation
and What It Tells
Us About Health and Diet 

Bruce German, UC Davis

1:55 to
2:15 pm

Whey, Dairy Proteins and Diabetes:
What Do We Know? 

Daniel J. West, Newcastle University

Oligosaccharides From Whey:
Where are we & what
is needed to move forward?

Danielle Barille, UC Davis

2:15 to
2:35 pm

Industry Reactor-Perspective on Whey,
Nutrition and Non-Communicable Diseases

Jeffrey Zachwieja, PepsiCo

Microfiltration in Diafilteration Mode to
Obtain a Bioactive Immunoglobulin

Rich Ideal Whey From Immune Milk

Hans-Jürgen Heidebrecht
Technical University Munich

2:35 to
2:55 pm

Marketplace Refreshment Break

 3:00 pm

Nutrition Session 4

As We Age...Medical Nutrition, Sector Policies,
Innovation for Seniors 

Innovation Session 4

Emerging Applications 


Role of Protein in Healthy Aging With A 
Focus on Prevention and Reversal of Sarcopenia 

Douglas Paddon-Jones, UTMB

Micro- and Nano-Bubbles in
Whey Processing 

 Jayendra Amamcharla, Kansas State University

3:50 to
4:15 pm

Roles for Lactoferrin in Prevention and
Whey Peptides for Intervention in
Age-Related Dementia 

Louise Bennett, Monash University, Melbourne

Influence of Anionic Polysaccharides on
the Digestion of Whey Protein Microgels

Christophe Schmitt, Nestlé

4:15 to
4:35 pm

Food Innovation for Seniors:
What Are Their Needs?

 Lesley Stevenson, Innov8fresh

Innovative process platform for
fractionation of whey proteins by
means of continuous centrifugal

M.Sc. Nicole Haller
Technische Universität Mùˆnchen
ZIEL - Institute for Food & Health

4:35 to
4:55 pm

Health and Nutrition for Seniors:
An Industry Perspective 

 Yan Guan, Abbott, Shanghai

Bioactivity of Milk Proteins is 
Modulated by Processing 

Dereck E.W. Chatterton,
University of Copenhagen

4:55 to
5:15 pm 

Gala Reception & Dinner

6:00 pm

Special Viewing of FOOD EVOLUTION
followed by a Question and Answer session with Alison Van Eenennaam

 9:00 pm